Features of our dormitory

Our dormitories were renovated from old vacant house in Itoshima and which was built with beautiful Japanese old architecture. And also there are many events that you can get to know Japanese culture such as interactions with locals. If you want to experience Japanese culture, this is the best residence for you!

We give you values that go beyond just a house at the dormitory.

Values that go beyond just a house at the dormitory.

We provide not only the basic necessities of a residence (security and comfort) but also values that go beyond those necessities. In the good old days these values were naturally present, but lately our society has been changing so rapidly that now we can hardly predict the future. In remembrance of the good old days, we will ensure that our dormitory is a place where you can freely express yourself and lead an enjoyable peaceful life.

1. Warm connections

“Do you have friends with whom you can consult with concerning some of your challenges or just a casual conversation on your desires and aspirations?”

After 12 years of living in shared spaces, I can say with confidence that while staying in our dormitory you will be able to develop strong connections with your roommates. You will develop friends with whom you can share your daily life. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who live close to our dormitory with whom you will be able to strike casual conversations with.Most of the elderly men and women are very knowledgeable and are always happy to lend a hand when needed. These are invaluable connections that you will never be able to develop even at the university.

Dormitory tour

2. Experience and learning 

“When I started working, I realized that what I gained from planning dormitory festivals and extracurricular activities was a great experience to help me interact with society ”

It is a fact  that classroom learning is quite important however it has its own limitations. Dormitory residents have the opportunity to meet local professionals. These mentors are very open people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. Those who are working at the forefront of society learn from practical opportunities rather than the classroom.

talk session
Discussion meeting with interesting professionals

3. Enjoying where you are now

“My experiences from my childhood till the university have developed my current aspiration and values.”

The future is still ahead and not the present, therefore people must learn to appreciate their present instead of always looking for an unforeseeable future. In order to enjoy our future lives, we must learn to cherish what we currently have. For example, helping local farmers with their harvest, participating in festivals, playing with kids and weekly cleaning. I invite you to come and enjoy a wonderful adventurous life at our dormitory. I believe that it is okay to make as many mistakes as you can while you are still young. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed in the present not.